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We all have an impact on the planet: we want to make it a positive one. 

At Florezca, we believe in using the Earth's resources responsibly, and only consuming what we need. That means we:

Keep small inventories

Because we have close working relationships with all the cooperatives we work with, we make small orders and pay our weavers right at the time of purchase.


Natural alpaca wool and plant-based dyes

Use only natural fabrics

  • All of our alpaca products are woven from 100% locally sourced alpaca wool, carded and processed by hand, using zero chemical treatments or conditioners. 
  • Alpacas are uniquely adapted to live in the dry, harsh deserts of the Andes due to their minimal need for water and soft, padded feet that minimizes erosion.
  • The wool is a highly useful material for making textiles in the community, and prized for its unique thermal insulation properties, which cool in hot weather and insulate in the cold.
  • Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, non-itchy and resistant to piling and matting, making it more versatile and durable than sheep’s wool.

Support traditional knowledge

We believe that traditional indigenous weaving techniques, such as four-pedal looms, are examples of time-tested, climate-friendly and classically innovative technology that produce products in balance with the environment. The Aymara communities from northern Chile, Bolivia and Peru have known nature’s secret for millennia, weaving alpaca wool into clothing and home textiles to keep their families warm, safe, and protected.


Aymar Sawuri cooperative

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