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I have spent the last 12 years living throughout Latin America.

In these years, I have seen that men are disproportionately favoured over women in terms of access to markets, capital, and ease of entry into both local and global economies. Women have to stay closer to home with children; women need to take care of their aging parents; women are not treated equally in the financing industry. Whatever the reason, and there are far more, women lose out.

My idea is simple: to connect more indigenous women’s owned-businesses from Latin America to the global marketplace. Period. Working together with women’s cooperatives, like Aymar Sawuri and Textil Otomi, our aim is to curate and sell sustainably sourced textile products for your person and home, and build up relationships in markets beyond our makers' home bases. 

Florezca means to bloom, to flower, spill forth. It is my hope that by following my idea through, we can plant the seeds for more flowers and enjoy the beauty that is already growing all around us.

Anthea Darychuk, Founder

Anthea and Yenny

Check out our blog on the homepage to find out more about our work with Indigenous female weavers and our goals to make e-commerce more equal, transformative and accessible. 



Aymar Sawuri - a 16-member, all-women's Indigenous weaving cooperative from northern Chile, who source, process and hand-weave our alpaca textiles in their homes, using traditional Aymara techniques. 

Aymar Sawuri 

Yenny, Susanna, Elizabeth and Eugenia; members of the Aymar Sawuri cooperative. 

Textil Otomi - a 20-member, all-women's Indigenous embroidery cooperative from central Mexico, who lovingly hand-embroider every one of our face masks with unique and beautiful traditional designs, representing Mexico's diverse flora and fauna.

Textil Otomi member

Dorali; model and member of the Textil Otomi cooperative



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