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Alpaca wool - nature’s premium textile.

Lighter and warmer than sheep’s wool, softer and sturdier than cashmere, alpaca fleece has long been recognized by indigenous communities for its unique and prized properties. The luxurious natural material produces warm, silky, durable and feather-light garments from alpaca fur, found only in the Andean region of South America, high in the remote mountain ranges.
The Aymara from northern Chile have known nature’s secret for millennia, weaving alpaca wool into clothing and home textiles to keep their families warm, safe, and protected.
Invest in timeless comfort and quality.
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Sustainability in practice. 

Based on the principles of slow fashion, all products are made following fair trade principles, ultimately opening up access to new markets for indigenous women and supporting them in their business growth. Change does not happen overnight, but progress is made in simple everyday ways in how we rethink what we buy and how we buy it.

Choosing to purchase sustainably-made products causes a ripple effect, setting in motion small changes that can turn into powerful waves.

Thank you for shopping consciously and making a difference with your purchase,

Anthea Darychuk, Founder


 Founder, Anthea Darychuk



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