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The Cuenta Magíca Pillow Case

What story does your living room tell?

What about your bed room?

For me, I long to be surrounded by magical tales, beautiful words and bright colors as I drift off on the couch, or fall into a great book. 

Bring a splash of colour, beauty and magic to your home with the Cuenta Magica Pillow.

Every pillow is hand embroidered by a member of the Textil Otomi cooperative in Yautepec, Mexico and each pillow features unique details, flora and fauna.

Your purchase of every hand-embroidered Textil Otomi piece, whether it is a pillowcase, pillow case or headband provides direct support to the members of the cooperative who craft each piece with traditional techniques that have been passed down over generations. 

No two pillows are alike, just like no two stories are alike.

We invite you to explore the patterns and embrace their whimsy and joy.

Pillow insert included.

Super high quality scarves, with beautiful designs.

Ana Vianei, Mexico City

The Florezca scarves are so soft and versatile. I wear mine on planes, trains and biking all the time

Alena Mehlau, Berlin.

I am in love with this luscious poncho! Everything about it is soft - the way it feels, the way it drapes, even the colours. These weavers are super talented and I'm so glad this piece came to live with me. I am especially grateful to have more natural fibres in my house, what with the baby putting everything in his mouth these days!!

Sharon Abel, Toronto.

"I cannot wait to answer the question "Where did you get your face mask?" I feel both Pandemic Prepared and a true global citizen!"

Becca McC, Ottawa-Gatineau

I ordered 3 of these scarves and they are incredible - beautifully designed and the quality of wool and weaving is wonderful. I'm also super impressed with the sustainable business model Florezca has developed. Highly recommended!

Calvin Brook

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